Old Fitzrovians Football Club

2018 fixtures

NEXT GAME: Thu 22nd February at 8pm

Thu 1st March at 8pm

Thu 22nd March at 8pm

Thu 5th April at 8pm

Match reports

Thu 1st February at 8pm

It looked like we were going to rained off, but the drizzle stopped at the last minute and it was only miserably cold. An energetic three versus four soon had us warmed up and trading delicate triangular passes through the gloom. The geometry sparkled, the goals were plentiful.

Players: Sam, Gary, Arthur, Nat, Gareth, Russell, Craig

January 18th at 8pm

A splendid turn-out. Lots of Futurelearners - so much so that I forgot to capture everyone's name. A good night of spirited walking.


December 13th at 7pm

Our first opponents FutureLearn met us at Warren Street for a spirited hour of top-class Walking. Huge thanks to them for a splendid game. The score (Old Fitzrovians 13 - 6 Futurelearn, roughly) is not important. Sam and Gareth combined effectively upfront, Hilary was solid in defence, Arthur and Dharmesh patrolled the midfeield with elegance and elan. If it had been conventional football I suspect we would have been beaten but we are now tuned to the (superior) Walking varient and were able to use that experience to good effect.

Players: Sam, Hilary, Gareth, Russell, Arthur, Dharmesh.

November 30th at 7pm

Cancelled due to a shortage of players.

November 22nd at 7pm

Only Hilary and Russell turned up, so match abandoned.

November 2nd at 8pm

Open, flowing three versus four only interrupted by the floodlights going off after half an hour. We've subsequently spoken to David at FYA and he says it was because they must have forgotten to change the timer after the clocks went back. They've refunded us the money for the session so I owe most of you some cash. Three-touch seems to be working, it prevents ball-hoggery by the more physical and/or adept players and we experimented with whether goalscoring should be confined to inside the area. The jury's still out. But Gareth pointed out that keeping scoring to inside the area makes for a more knackering game - you actually have to get to the area if you want to score.

Governance Observation: No one came close to running this session, if anything I think the 'no running' rule was a little too well-observed. I think a light jog is allowed. We shall see.

Players: Sam, Hilary, Nayeema, Gareth, Russell, Simon, Dharmesh.

September 14th at 7pm

Three a side at the end of summer, under the inimidating glare of talented looking French students.

Players: Hilary, Gary, Gareth, Russell, Dharmesh, Richard.

August 31st at 7pm

The glorious dawn. 6ish vs 5ish. "You're running!"

Players: Mark, Gary, Gareth, Dan, Dharmesh, Hilary, Arthur, Russell, Simon, Darren, Craig, Sam.

Not running since 2017.